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Check below for infomation on services I offer and an in-depth look at my recent projects

Click an image below for in-depth information on each of these productions.

"The Woman"

Consultation & Planning

Creating a dialogue on what kind of music can best serve your production, and laying the ground work for our our collaboration.  This is a strategic step towards making an all encompassing soundtrack to take your project to the next level.


Relaying the message of your story through music.  Taking complex concepts and translating them into something that both stirs emotion and drives story.  These are the pillars of my work and what I strive to accomplish within every project.

Finishing & Delivery

On time, and on budget delivery of your music is an integral part of the post-production process.  I strive in my work to be dilligent and work collaboatively to hit deadlines and make sure you receive your product in a timely manner coherent to our agreed upon schedule and in the desired file formats.  

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"I Want to be an Astronaut"

"Earth is Blue"

"F Yeah" Music Video - All Cheerleaders Must Die


"El Paso Museum of Art - Masterpiece"

"Jug Face"

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