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Check below to sample or purchase my music, and learn about liscencing opportunities for film, tv, and commercials

Digital Score Sample

Individual Project Tracks

Theatrical Score Sample




Music is an art form, and a necessary tool to wield when you're looking to create unique and compelling experience for your viewer.  The relationship of a film score to whats happening on screen is a marriage of simultaneous art that when used properly can expand any emotion, infuse tonality, and motivate action.  I love the process of scoring and hope you take the opportunity to learn about my method and peruse the tracks I have available on this website to collaborate.   The tracks above are examples I have created for general licensing, and commercial use.  I understand that every project is unique, and deserves the necessary time and effort to find the exact partner of score to scene, and with that, there are many avenues available to our partnership.  Please use the form on my contact page to reach me for all pricing options and questions regarding licensing my music for film, commercials, television, or digital entertainment. ​


My current band, The Highland Hawks play alt-country and western and indie rock and all that is good and worthy and true.

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