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"Love the Fall" - Sean Spillane
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"Upwelling" - Sean Spillane
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"Distracted" - Sean Spillane
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"Ding Dong" - Tales of Halloween - Sean Spillane
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"Complicated Woman" - Sean Spillane
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"With This Knife" - Sean Spillane
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Lucky McKee, Director

City, State

The music is one aspect I am most proud of. I think it adds so much to the story and so much to that strange tone you speak of. Sean Spillane is really quite gifted and his music elevates the film into a special place.

Mandi Dillin, Location Manager, Girlfriend

Westworld, US

Dashingly handsome musical genius can make all of your aural dreams come true.

David J. Ruck, Director

Sean deserves more credit than "Original Score" in the film.  Aside from his amazing talents as a musician and songwriter, Sean is an all-out fun-loving, upbeat, and inspirational guy. He's also a huge fan of the space program and the message of "I want to be an Astronaut".

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Dread Central

City, State

The Woman Motion Picture Soundtrack features music and lyrics from indie veteran Sean Spillane. Spillane, best known for his time in Subpop’s critically acclaimed band ARLO, his role in electro-pop/rock band Midway, and soundtrack work on films such as The United States of Leland, blends synth pop, Americana roots and an aura of sinister melodies to capture the dark and gruesome atmosphere of Halloween’s most anticipated film.

Last FM - Supdawg888

Sean Spillane may not be as known at the moment, but his unadulterated talent showcased through the soundtrack to The Woman, makes it clear he should be.

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